21 March 2010

I'm Not Kidding - Go Buy Springsteen's Seeger Sessions Live In Dublin Right Now!

Even if you are not a huge Bruce fan, you should go buy this cd or, better yet, the dvd. Springsteen and his non-E Street band cover songs that Pete Seeger made popular during the folk movement. Bruce covers them with a full band that includes a horn section, a fleet of singers, and some instruments that I can't even identify. The music is so full that it will blow away any blues you might be feeling.

Singing along to "O Mary, Don't You Weep" is better than a bowl of ice cream. Bruce attacks these songs with a mix of evangelical preacher and band leader, egging on a sing-off between the guys and the girls, with the guts of a street fighter calling out the devil.

The songs include sing-alongs like "Erie Canal" "My Oklahoma Home" and "Old Dan Tucker". Someday when I get a teaching job at an elementary school, these songs are going to be on an eternal rotation in the background. They are pure Americana and an opportunity to teach. Aside from this, the music is fantastic and fun. There are accordion solos, fiddle solos, banjo solos and steel guitar solos. Absolutely a blast! Go get it now, put it on, and feel your feet move and your spirit soar.

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