29 March 2010

Poisonous And Hateful Sarah Palin

BREAKING NEWS: I just started hating Sarah Palin. She was cute before, back with the McCain candidacy, when she was posing with a skeet rifle. Now she leaves this note on Twitter: Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!" She writes this after the phone threats left for members of Congress, after members of Congress get spit on, after representatives are called "baby killer" and other assorted death threats are made against those who supported health care.

If you read this blog you will know that I don't like the health care law and I don't want to be forced to pay for a service I don't want nor should I have to pay a fine to refuse to pay for said service. Now I would almost change my mind if it meant I didn't agree with a vile person like Sarah Palin. Does she not have any sense of decency? Reload? You want the people who made these threats to reload? Maybe they'll sack up and use live ammunition this time Sarah. Maybe just making threats won't be enough for those who want to protect our Liberty. Is the stupid bitch trying to start a Civil War? She downplayed her gun rhetoric this weekend, writing an "inspiring" speech to the teams of the NCAA tournament. You see, all this talk of violence is just silly. Gun rhetoric is used in sports all the time. It's just like Ann Coulter's use of satire when she tells Muslim students to ride their magic carpet, and if they don't have one, to ride their camel. Yeah, it's satire, not inappropriate and racist. Like, hmm, Ann Coulter is a soulless, callous ghoul. No, that is too close to the truth to be satire.

During her campaign as Vice-President, McCain's camp gave Palin a crash course in 20th century history. Her response? "Wow, this stuff is awesome!" Yeah, history is like that. When Katie Couric asked her what she read to get her news, and her response was basically, I read, like, whatever!, I knew she was a lightweight. When I saw her address the Couric interview later, she disingenuously said that she was insulted and refused to answer the question in a forthright manner. It was like Katie Couric was asking her if she could read! That's why she stumbled and stuttered over the question. Bullshit Sarah. I know people and I know body language - you were stumped then and your cover-up was almost as thin. But it did reveal something else. Sarah Palin has an innate ability to play the victim with a sense of moral outrage and then change the subject. When David Letterman made a joke about her daughter, the one who got pregnant before she was married, Palin told everyone the joke was really about her thirteen-year old. Outrage, sure. Inventing something that wasn't there? Absolutely. I like that she steps down as Governor of Alaska, eighteen months into her term, to "help America". You see, the issue is that she wants to help America, not that she is not fulfilling her obligations to her state.

Now, amidst violent threats she thinks nothing of telling people to reload. Sarah Palin was once one death away from history. Now, she may be again but for totally different reasons

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