12 March 2010

Thoughts On Pop Candy

As you might know I am a huge fan of the Whitney Matheson blog Pop Candy. She talks about all things pop culture. You should go read her blog. It's really awesome. Here is what I am thinking about entertainment stuff right now.

Lilly Scott gets kicked off American Idol. I really liked this girl's version of the Beatles' "Fixing A Hole". She hit a note that was velvet smooth and I really liked her after that. My personal disclaimer is that I have never watched American Idol before I broke my leg. Then I winced through it because I had to (I was laid up in the living room) until I saw Lilly Scott. I hope she catches on and I can hear her music somewhere in the future.

I wish I thought up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a hybrid of Jane Austen and zombies. Sounds good to me.

I really don't like Chris from the NBC show Parks and Recreation. He began the show dating the hottest chick in town, became homeless and an otherwise weird loser. He lived outdoors in a pit, ate dirt-covered carrots out of the community garden, and acted like no real human being without some mental issues would act. I don't get this character and his fall from brief grace is unrealistic.

The new trailer for Iron Man 2 popped up this week and I am psyched. Six more weeks until the summer movie season! OK, that's it.

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