22 March 2010

Your New Healthcare Plan, Whether You Want It Or Not

I don't like the new healthcare law which requires me to have healthcare or pay a fine. Basically, the government is telling me what is best for me and fining me if I don't do it. Will the government restrict my diet next? Or my alcohol intake? Maybe. What is the Federal takeover of student loans doing in this law? What else is in this law that has nothing to do with healthcare? I don't like it, I don't trust it, and I am not going to abide by it. And I'm not going to pay the fine either. If I have to I will grow vegetables in the wild and sell them at a roadside stand. Of course, by then Big Brother will probably find a way to tax and regulate that too.

Obama says last week that "the insurance companies aren't going back to the drawing board." That's his response to a lawmaker who wants to start the bill over from scratch. Why not pass legislation separately from the huge healthcare bill to regulate the insurance companies? The healthcare system definitely needs to be overhauled, insurance premiums need to be lowered, the overall cost needs to go down, but how does mandating that I purchase a service help that? The U.S. government does not have the Constitutional power to force me to purchase a service, regardless of what this law is. General Motors, Chrysler, the largest insurance company in the world - AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the student loan industry, and the new healthcare system add up to 48% of the private economy. All of it is now under government control. Schools will be next and I'm sure people will rollover when that is suggested too. The camel's nose is in your tent and the rest of the camel is right behind it.

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