21 April 2010

And That's What Really Grinds My Gears...

Time for another installment of
   And That's What Really Grinds My Gears

Ben Roethlisberger being a scumbag.  Anyone who feeds a girl shots then follows her to the bathroom to force himself on her is a lowlife dirtbag.  Actually I don't really have superlatives to describe this guy.  What is up with the greasy hair combed back during his first meet with the press?  He definitely looked the part.  I liked Terry Bradshaw's quote the best: "He doesn't like me and I'm learning not to like him."

Obama's value added tax.  Who is pulling the strings on this guy?  I'm gonna guess it's someone like Maurice Strong, former NATO director and current "environmentalist" who is a strong believer in world socialism.  I think he is a real-life James Bond villain.  The taxes are coming.   Now that we are all part of the governments health-care system we are going to be expected to adhere to diet restrictions because what we eat affects everyone.  No more choice because why should your neighbors pay for your unhealthy habits.  Soda tax.  Sodium tax.  Add up all the taxes we pay right now and when Obama is done we are going to be left with 40% of what we work for.

Rihanna.  I just don't like her or her upturned pug nose or her stupid hair in her face all the time.
Lady Gaga.  Gag gag.  She's so "outrageous"!  Uh, not really.
Kate Gosselein will you just go away already.  She says "Why can't moms have fun?" as if we're trying to deny her happiness.  I know lots of moms who have fun.  Some get a babysitter and go out for the night but not every night and they're not on tv and they don't have eight kids you self-centered, selfish, gimme-my-thirty-seconds wannabe-famous person.  Just stop already.
Larry King.  Ok, this doesn't really bother me.

People who complain about Saturday Night Live.  It's been funny, especially the recent episode with Ryan Phillipe, but critics are still bashing it.  I guess it becomes vogue after awhile.  I thought the skit with Tina Fey as a nine inch hooker was cute and good-hearted in a really weird way.  Can't you people go bash Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Kate Gosselein?  Plenty of material there.

Local car dealer who I would like to punch in the face.  You know who you are.  You give Italians a bad name.

The Buffalo Sabres play-by-play guy.  Fans fall all over this guy and his "signature" style.  He yells "Scores!" loudly until his voice trails off.  Really annoying and not unique.

Ok that's it for now.   Our salute this week comes from a real artist who dresses up, acts outrageous, owns her sexuality and kicks the shit out of what ever material she is putting her shoulder to.

                         Pimps of the Week

When did pimp become a positive superlative?  I pimped my ride.  That is so pimp!  Or, my personal favorite courtesy of Vicky LaVilla "I will totally pimp-slap you!"  The universe is full of negative and positive energy.  Here comes some positive.

Jimmy Kimmel.  He is like the anti-talk show host.  He's always just being himself and doesn't take himself seriously at all.  I don't think there is any difference between Jimmy when he gets up in the morning and Jimmy at night when he walks out onto the stage.  Last night he made me laugh more in the first ninety seconds than Jay Leno has since 1987.

Bob Matthews is a local sports guy with a radio show and a column in the Rochester newspaper Democrat and Chronicle.  A guy called his show last night and said Bob didn't know sports, or people, or horses (as in the track). The subject had turned to Ben Roethlisburger and Bob said he thought the Buffalo Bills should trade their #9 draft pick for Big Ben.   Bob tried to listen to the guy but cut him off when he said Bob was a fan of rapists.  I don't know how people like Bob handle people like this.  There are lots of jerks out there, especially when it comes to sports,  and I'm glad there are people like Bob to balance them out.

My hero Willie Nelson, just for being Willie.

My friends (you know who you are) and family who are nice enough to cart me around until I get medical clearance (and other bs) to drive.

Here is a big thumbs up to reconnecting with people I once knew pretty well.  I guess Facebook is good for something other than stealing time away from real life.

And let's give it up to the weather gods of Western New York.  People complain about the weather constantly but it's truly such a beautiful place to live.  Yesterday was sunny, windless, and 68 degrees.  Four more degrees and it's a textbook perfect day.  This is the type of weather I recall when I was seeing a young blonde girl with perfect white teeth and sparkling blue eyes and I had the world by the balls.  Lots more of those days on the way...

Oh, I almost forgot my dad's barber.  He lives and works in a little barbershop in Honeoye.  I like Honeoye.  There is a lake right there and its in the middle of all those little lakes that make Western New York such a great place to live.  I walked into his barbershop.  Two barber chairs, some deer heads on the wall, a New York Yankees clock, and the barber pole out front.  He wasn't there.  There was no one there except for a guy waiting to get his hair cut.  What kind of business proprietor just leaves their door open and goes and runs errands?  We waited half an hour.  We talked about hunting and I showed him a pic of the monster buck I shot last year.   The barber finally got back and I went outside to answer my phone and when I came back in I climbed into the chair.  He didn't ask me how I wanted my haircut, he just got to cutting, and then asked to see my deer.  After that he put shaving lotion around my ears and on my neck and used a straight razor to trim the hair.  What a great experience for eight bucks.  I'll never go to Supercuts again although I will miss the boobs being pressed against me while I'm getting my hair cut.

Ok that's it.

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