10 April 2010

I Hate People

I wish I could come up with a better title for this post but nothing fits quite as well. Below is a link to an "article" that is in italics. You don't have to read it carefully. The racism is pretty apparent and the cowardice is even more apparent. I don't know if this is the opinion of the poster at this link or the poster is from the City Bright Blog at the San Francisco Chronicle, but one of them is alleging that the Eagles wanted to avoid the appearance of racism when they traded Donovan McNabb and that is why they signed Michael Vick a year ago. That is the second element of this article that irks me and makes me hate people. Who is writing this? Where is your name? The first element of the article that irks me is the racism, accusing the mayor of overreacting to an event that didn't even take place. The author assumes this is what the mayor would do, then adds that the "only" logic for the move was the Eagles attempts not to appear racist because it might spark a race riot in the city. Because people in Philly just love Donovan, don't they? Uh, not really. Does this author really think the Eagles' plan when they signed Vick a year ago was to have a token black quarterback on the staff? They knew a year ago they were going to trade McNabb? The author, whoever it is, goes on to say this is the only logical explanation to the trade. McNabb reportedly refused to go to Oakland or Buffalo but the writer never mentions that.. This is dumber than Rush Limbaugh's correlation between McNabb's slump and his being anointed a great quarterback by the 'liberal' media because they want to see a black quarterback do well.

You will have to cut and paste this line...


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Here are some of the things being written around the Internet about the Eagles trade of Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins:

City Bright Blog, San Francisco Chronicle: The Philadelphia Eagles trading Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins is still a head-scratcher as he's in the same division.

But now that Donovan McNabb is gone so soon after the Eagles worked to get Quarterback Michael Vick on the field after Vick's release from prison after his illegal dog fighting work, this blogger has to ask the question:

Was the Philadelphia Eagles effort to get Michael Vick a plan to have a black quarterback on staff then trade Donovan McNabb, who's black, just so no one can say "The Eagles trade of Donovan McNabb was racist; they just didn't want a black star in Philadelphia?" If that was the case, here's betting Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who's also black, would stop going to the games, and Philadelphia would be a racially divided town.

As wild as the idea seems, the more I wrap my mind around how the Eagles think and the "cover-up" needed to cleanly pull off a dumb trade like sending Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins, the more it is logical that this was their thinking.

I'm sure the author of this post could defend it by saying they were just asking if this was the reason for the trade. No offense intended. Just an innocent question. Like - is the author's mother a whore?

Just asking.

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