08 April 2010

Random Thoughts For The Week

Here comes my Random Thoughts On Pop Culture for the week. Not really. I promised this post to be weekly but I have swung out this week with the pop culture viewing. Oh well. In its place comes my Random Thoughts For The Week....

Tiger Woods is four under par at the Masters today. Good for him. My friend DJ wanted to get a TW hat just to support the guy. Or give a hearty finger to the people and press who have pried into his personal life like it matters to them. If it does then they are some pathetic people. What do Bob Dylan, Hunter Thompson, Mary Karr and Willie Nelson have in common? I don't care about their personal lives, I just want them to do their thing. Now I want to see Tiger win another green jacket. Speaking of the Masters....

I love watching the shots of Augusta-Georgia and the lovely blooms and green grass. When I was in D.C. it was pretty cool looking at the blooming, flowering trees. D.C. isn't the heart of the South but it is still pretty. I feel like I really got my fix of Southern Spring weather this year....

Which leads me to the wonderful weather New York State has had this week. Today was supposed to be rainy and sixty degrees but it was warm and wonderful (except for my mood). And the Spring here is really in full gear. I should post some photos of the pond at my parents' house. Nothing like some weird pond life in the Spring to jumpstart the wonder of Nature we should feel every day.

Oh yeah - LOST! I did watch LOST this week and it may have saved the season for me. I've been arguing with my friend Ralph about the alternative timeline, or the sideways episodes as they are known, and they have been getting me bummed out about the whole series. Until now. I knew they were related to the timeline on the island but could not explain it to him in 160 characters or less (my texting limit). He kept telling me, "It's just a jerk-off alternate reality!" Then he asked me if I could read and if I knew what "if" meant. Now who's laughing? And Desmond and Charlie together was epic.

Hit the panic button! We are being pushed towards a European system of government that revolves around dependency and handouts. The governments of Europe and the European Union dictate what businesses are able to do, not the other way around, and I think this is what Obama wants. Business made this country, from Ford to Microsoft, and anyone who knows about the conversion of our industry during WWII knows what I'm talking about. No Guns, No Smoking, No Fatty Foods, Everyone UNITED! Like Tom Petty said, Let me up, I've had enough! We used to be a nation of rugged individualists and that is what made this country. Now everyone wants to sit inside, watch cable, and let the government handle their money for them.

OK enough of that. Here is R.E.M. doing their best song Fall On Me. This video shows the lyrics (which I never knew). I tried posting the original video (for everyone under 40 - videos were these things they showed on MTV) but there was a copyright issue. I always thought of SueAnn O'Brien when I heard this song. It always seemed like the girl was telling me to fall on her as if I was pressing my weight against her and I liked that. Now I find out, more than twenty years later, that it's about acid rain! Laugh-out-loud.

OK that's it.

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