04 July 2010

Top Five Songs For The 4th Of July

Here are my top five songs for the 4th of July. 

American Land by Bruce Springsteen from the Live In Dublin cd/dvd.  This tune rocks and is about America and the promise it held for 19th century immigrants. 

There's diamonds in the sidewalks, there's gutters lined in song
Dear I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long
There's treasure for the taking, for any hard working man
Who will make his home in the American land

Jimi Hendrix plays The Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock.  This is a 4th of July standard as far as I'm concerned.  The status quo thought Hendrix was intentionally disparaging the national anthem and Jimi's reply was "I thought it was beautiful."


Paul Simon wrote this song about traveling across America.  I think it's called America.  I always loved this song.  And Paul Simon.  I wonder if hitting the road is just an American thing.  I know that "Going West" is.

Here is Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful.  I wouldn't have included this (because its too cliche) but I still love it.  I saw Ray a handful of times - front row! - and he was awesome.

I love this James McMurtry tune.  Can we make it here anymore?

I could have included lots more Bruce, as well as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard.  If you have any good 4th of July tunes please leave me a message.

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