09 August 2012

Wall Therapy

The City of Rochester came up with the wacky idea of a series of murals across the city to help stem violence.  The art is supposed to be soothing.  They brought in mural artists from around the world.  One of them created this:

You can see it a little clearer here.  It was created by Spanish artist Liqen and meant to show American freedoms in chains (I guess).  Have you ever invited someone over for dinner so they could tell you what an asshole you were?  Yeah, me neither, but it seems to be what the City has done here.  I think that Americans are more in danger of being under surveillance than ever before, thanks to the technological developments of the past ten years, but I don't need a Spanish artist to tell me that.  I also resent him coming here from a nation very familiar with Fascism and wagging his finger at us.  On the other hand, maybe no one knows what freedom under fire feels like more than an artist from a totalitarian nation. 

Another mural that created "buzz" was this one:

So what do you think these animals are?  I'll give you a hint:  they aren't rats.  I know what you're thinking:  "Oh, they're not?!"  Nope, they're supposed to be bears.  To the Belgian artist Roa who created this mural,  this is what a bear looks like:

Or this:

Or even this:

This is what a rat looks like:

Or this:

People in the neighborhood have said they were offended by the Roa mural because it shows the animals, whatever you think they look like, in a sexual position.  I am more offended that the artist apparently can't draw a bear.  It was suggested to the artist that he design something soothing and natural and use the Adirondack Mountains as inspiration.  I think he missed the mark by a little.  Looking at the murals has not soothed me in any way but I am a little hungry.  I think I'll go steal a picnic basket.

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