19 February 2010

Why I get writer's block

Writing can be so frustrating for me. Today is the second day I have worked on a blog entry titled "Your First History Lesson". I have written the first half twice so far and it is still not near being completed. I tend to edit as I write and the damn thing just gets longer and longer until I don't know which end of it is up. So instead of a piece about the history of the U.S. I am going to talk about Tiger Woods mixing martinis and vicodin. Tiger didn't mix the martinis and vicodin, I did. And I don't care what you think about it. Like my friend D.J. texted me this morning, "I wish Tiger would have come out and said "Oh,what do you think of me? F U! Any questions? I didn't think so." He doesn't owe me an apology any more than the guy across the street who cheated on his wife. It's not my business. I'm not married but if I was, even if it was to the girl of my dreams, and she does exist (hi!) I don't know how many times I could resist a gorgeous twenty-two year old throwing herself at me. And if she was going to bring her friend along? Forget about it! It's like math: two tens wouldn't add up to twenty, they would be squared and you'd get a hundred. In fact, maybe they oould help me get over my writer's block.

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  1. I don't know why Tiger Woods or any other celebrities' personal life is considered news. When did this start happening? Its offensive to me that the term sex addict is thrown around CNN, Good Morning America and any of those other so called "news" sources. This is not a war, national disaster or anything else that is normally coined "news", I don't care and I bet a lot of other people don't either.