10 March 2010

Corey Haim Dead At 38

It's really weird watching people your age or younger live their lives and die. Corey Haim, from 80's movies like Silver Bullet, The Lost Boys, Lucas, and Learning to Drive was found dead yesterday from "an apparent drug overdose". I only put that in quotations because it seems like such a standard way to go. Growing up my neighbor Karen Pooley married this guy Dwight. He was in the Navy, he smoked alot, he grew up in Rush and we knew his parents. He eventually filed for divorce against Karen and a few years later he died - heart disease I think. He was, maybe, 40. Anyone who has read my blog knows what I think about my own mortality; I'm gonna die when I'm a really, really, really old man. Hopefully I'll go in the morning when I'm sitting in the sun on the patio. The choices we make lead us to wherever it is we end up, and sometimes a tree falls on our car on the way to work. You just never know. For those who are left living, like myself, I recommend sitting on the patio on a nice sunny morning. You never know how many you'll get.

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