07 March 2010

Stupid Viruses

All morning on Sunday I was looking forward to working on my blog post about American History. I got home from my sister's house, talked to my dad for awhile, set up my laptop in the kitchen and was really happy. Until I opened up a virus on my computer. It came in through facebook and was from my friend John Pooley. I thought it said something like "topfuelknowledge", which was his webpage. So I screwed around with that for about three hours and became increasingly frustrated. I ditched it for my mom's computer, which is really slow, and when I am on my mom's computer I have to deal with my mom. "You aren't downloading any viruses on my computer are you?" "Yes, mom. Just the one though." Then she tells me with disgust, "I don't want you going on that facebook on my computer. You'll get a virus." She just doesn't like facebook. "Why can't you just talk to people in person?" Oh well. My mom is sweet but old-fashioned like that.

So I haven't been able to sit down and concentrate on my American history blog. I worked on it some last night until I lost my focus. And then I caught my own virus. Or something. My nose is sealed up tighter than Fort Knox would be if there was really any gold in there. I couldn't breathe all last night and kept dreaming that I was suffocating. I wanted some meds but my mom, again, intervened. "That stuff does more harm than good if you take it too long. You've been taking it a long time. That's probably why you're so stuffed up." She insisted on Vicks vaporub in hot water and that burned my eyes, tasted awful, and gave me a headache. I was talking with a friend of mine last night and told her I was going to babysit today, rehab my knee, and write my blog. Well, I slept today. That's about it. Right now I am on the couch, my computer is in safe mode, and I am working offline writing this. So I have adapted but I still feel lousy. This morning I asked my mom if she could get some nasal spray for me. The store is only a few miles away. She left and went on a trek, washed her car, talked to the pharmacist about my condition, and got me some garbage decongestant for my nose and not the nasal spray I asked for. Just like working on my computer, I'm gonna have to adapt my behavior to suit my mom. That's ok though. I like her much better than my computer.

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