16 March 2010

The Ramones Find Commercial Success

I love the Ramones. I have since 8th grade. "Lobotomy" "We're A Happy Family" "Judy Is A Punk" - love it! They never found radio success or commercial success but their songs are everywhere now. Commercials I can understand and, given Johnny's business savvy, I'm surprised they didn't start selling long ago. Johnny, Joey and DeeDee are all gone and Tommy is the only one left. This is kind of funny because Tommy was originally the producer and kind of had to be talked in to sitting in on drums. He was also the first one to leave the group, citing his need for sanity. I have nephews and they like ScoobyDoo, which subjects me to all kinds of new ScoobyDoo stories. I heard the Ramones in an episode last week or so and that was fine. It wasn't "Blitzkreig Bop" but it was one of their accessible tunes. Something beach related, I think. But today I heard "I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You," Joey's rejection song. Has the world gone mad? The Ramones were the baddest punk bad on the planet. When they met the Sex Pistols in London, Johnny Rotten was afraid the Ramones were going to beat him. They appeared that dangerous onstage and off. To be used as bumper music in a kiddie cartoon is something Johnny couldn't have ever contemplated. I can't wait to see Freddy, dressed in his white shirt and blue ascot, cover DeeDee's "53rd and 3rd."

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