15 March 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day...

The Boston Celtics are my holdover favorite NBA team and they are headed downhill fast. One championship two years ago is all they are going to get from KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. Ray Allen is actually playing the best recently. KG has knee problems and Paul Pierce has back problems. It sucked watching Larry Bird go through that in the early 90's. There is something about LeBron that I don't like. Supposedly he was a jerk when he played a pre-season game in Rochester, pretending that he was checking into the game and then laughing about jerking the crowd around. He played about four minutes. Oh well. The NBA hasn't been the same since Jordan left and I really don't care all that much.

The Buffalo Bills suck. When are they going to make some moves to get better? It is supposedly an uncapped year, so teams can sign any free agents they want. Julius Peppers was out there, Jake Delhomme, Brady Quinn, LT. What have the Bills done? They brought in an O-line guy who was let go by the Raiders. So now they're getting the Raiders rejects? And they acted like they made a big splash. I guess simply bringing anyone gives them the sense that they are making progress. I was optimistic when they hired Chan Gailey but it's fading fast. Despite vowing to do whatever it takes to win, Ralph Wilson is running things much like he has before. It reminds me of the Who song: "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss." Without a new QB, my hopes for the Bills are limited. And without a new QB I am skeptical the Bills will be in Buffalo five years from now. Then what? Become a Giants fan? Football will never be the same for me if the Bills leave.

Wow, did shit backfire on Eric Massa or what? Saturday Night Live hammered him this weekend. And the SNL news desk made me laugh and think at the same time when they said, "You know you're in a bad position when you're the crazy one on the Glenn Beck show." Haha. Massa has to wonder what happened and I feel bad for him and his family. A Navy career and reputation down the drain and he became a public spectacle. Nancy Pelosi went on Charlie Rose and said, in a really strange way, "Poor baby. Ohh, poor baby." What did she mean? I like it better when I just pay attention to sports.

What is the deal with LOST? The week before last was an episode that saw Sayid become a bad guy, two main characters got killed, and Fake Locke take over. Last week's episode was the opposite. Viewers saw Ben become a good guy in the alternate universe. He was humbled, he did something selfless, and he became more human. As bad as the Sayid episode made me feel, the Ben episode made me feel good. It looks like there is an epic showdown coming. I hope Sawyer is on the right side - he's become the most complex character on the island.

Ok, I guess that's it for now.

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  1. I am so very proud to say that I must be the only person in the Steel City to have total sports apathy. Sounds like a future blog, eh?