05 April 2010

Dylan And The Folkies

BREAKING NEWS....DYLAN GOES ELECTRIC.....Just kidding. I just got done watching I'm Not There, the loose Dylan portrait that used different actors, including Cate Blanchett, to portray Bob Dylan. There was a snippet of him at the Newport Folk Festival, when him and the Band rip into Highway 61 and the folk music fans start complaining. They called him Judas for crying out loud. I'm glad Dylan "went electric."

I've never thought that I owned an artist. I pay to see them and they play what they play and, if I'm lucky, they'll play some stuff that's special to me. When I saw Bruce Springsteen on his solo acoustic tour he dusted off some songs that I loved hearing, songs he normally didn't play. I know that Dylan moving on from folk music is different and I'm glad he pissed off the folkies.

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