05 April 2010

"Exciting" Buffalo Bills Highlight Their Punter

This photo cracks me up. It was selected to represent the Bills' season last year and was mailed out to all the ticketholders. I guess it does but not in a good way. The Bills, in this photo, are punting from their own end zone. Against the Cleveland Browns, one of the worst tems in the league, in a game they lost 6-3. What could be more representative than punting from our own end zone in a losing effort against one of the worst teams in the league? I hope things change this year.

The Bills reportedly tried to sign Donovan McNabb, which is a good sign. Chan Gailey may be referred to as a joke around the league but I am willing to give him a chance. As does Buddy Nix, the new GM. Ralph Wilson fired Dick Jauron last year and vowed that things would be different. We'll see. Last year was the first time I was outright disgusted and skeptical of the team before the season started. Unfortunately it was well-placed. I am back to being optimistic this off-season. GO BILLS!

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